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2020 trending Google search by Malaysian is realme, ‘法 证 先锋 4’ (Forensic Heroes IV), Dalgona and etc.

Google Malaysia has just released its annual Year in Search lists today and you might be surprised with what Malaysians have been searching in 2020. Perhaps some might be mind blown but let’s find out more what Malaysian searched most by category:

“2020 has undoubtedly been a unique year and the trending search terms in our Year in Search lists reflect that – from being concerned citizens of the world, to an increased search for digital learning tools as schools closed nationwide. We sought to stay informed throughout the global pandemic while thanking our frontliners and searching for financial aid programs – a glimpse into the challenges as we adapt to the new norm. Malaysians also turned to food as a newfound hobby, for comfort, or as a new business venture with the highest search interest for recipes in the world,” says Nadia Khan, Communications Manager for Consumer Products at Google Malaysia.

Food (recipe) for thought

Malaysia is the country with the highest search interest for recipes in 2020, beating out Israel, France and Japan. ‘Dalgona Coffee’ came up top on the list when everyone was posting their attempts on social media. It was so popular that it has spin-offs such as ‘Dalgona Milo’, which happens to be the second most trending recipe. Pastries, desserts, and local light snacks defined the remaining top trending recipes – ‘Youtiao’ , ‘Kuih Cek Mek Molek’, ‘Apam Balik’, ‘Taufufa’ and ‘Burnt Cheesecake’. 

Easing the 2020 burden with financial aid

As everyone is going for a tough 2020, searches for government financial aid and assistance schemes as industries, businesses, and families was in demand. ‘Bantuan Prihatin Nasional’ under the PRIHATIN economic stimulus package emerged top on the list in this category.‘Bantuan Sara Hidup’ came in second while ‘KWSP i-Lestari’, got into third. ‘mySalam’ free takaful health insurance scheme covering roughly 8 million Malaysians was next on the list while ‘LHDN semakan’ came in fifth. 

Other forms of assistance which trended were – ‘eGUMIS’, ‘Geran Khas Prihatin’, ‘Program Saringan Prihatin PERKESO’, ‘Bantuan Khas Sarawakku Sayang’ and ‘Yayasan Pembangunan Ekonomi Islam Malaysia’.

Stay informed about Covid-19

‘Coronavirus’, ‘Thank you coronavirus helpers’ and ‘Coronavirus tips’ were the top trending terms in this category.  It seems Malaysians are deeply thankful to the frontliners who work tirelessly around the clock to help all of us battle the virus head-on.

Dare to Leap with realme!

For the gadgets category, realme just dominated the search trends. Only Apple iPhone 12 was in the list at fifth place.

Binge watching with Chinese and Korean series

For 2020, most Malaysians have to rely on binge-watching TV series as their entertainment while staying safe. ‘法 证 先锋 4’ (Forensic Heroes IV) tops the entertainment list while ‘7 Hari Mencintaiku 2’ which secured 12 million viewers across its 33 screened episodes enjoyed equal popularity on social media at second spot. ‘The world of the Married’ which is a K-drama was at third spot and also became the highest-rated drama on Korean cable TV history and pulled in it’s largest audience yet in the final episode. Oscar-winning Korean movie ‘Parasite’ was on fourth place.

Others on the list were – ‘使徒 行者 3 (Line Walker 3)’, ‘青春 有 你 2 (Youth With You – Season 2)’, ‘Bigg Boss 4 Vote’,机场 特警 (Airport Strikers), Crash Landing on You, and ‘三 十 而已 (Nothing But Thirty)’.

2020 is the year of defining political moments, economic survival, and digital adoption

Malaysians were not exempt from the US presidential election fever, putting president incumbent Donald Trump up against opponent and former vice president, Joe Biden – ‘US Election 2020’ was the number one trending search term this year. ‘Google Classroom’ came in second as students and teachers strived to adapt to digital learning amid stay-at-home directives. ‘Bantuan Prihatin Nasional’ closely followed by ‘Bantuan Sara Hidup’, ‘Coronavirus’ and ‘i-Lestari’ magnifies how Malaysians coped with Covid-19. 

Other terms to make it to the top ten were a mix of – ‘Realme 6 Pro reviews’, ‘English Premier League’, ‘Google Meet’ and ‘mySalam’. For a look at the full list and other trending categories – top news, sports, and people, visit g.co/2020trends/MY.

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