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2020 Samsung Lifestyle TVs “The Sero”, “The Serif”, and “The Frame” to enter Malaysian markets

Being the ever game changer in display technology, Samsung has always catered it’s product to various type of consumers. From QLED Display to voice command, the display technology has greatly improved for modern home living. As for 2020, Samsung Malaysia Electronics (SME) is glad to announced their new lifestyle TVs; The Sero, The Serif and The Frame will be available in the market soon.


According to Samsung, The Sero, means “vertical” in Korean, has the ability to pivot between horizontal and vertical orientations – just like a smartphone or tablet. This feature allows TV to connect seamlessly with mobile devices and to smoothly and naturally display content in both the traditionally-horizontal and vertical formats. This mean users can display like a mobile content – including social media, YouTube and Instagram, or perhaps your personal videos in whatever display orientation mirrors their mobile devices.

The Sero is a modern design that stands out in any space, featuring a range of different display options for when it is not in use. The Sero combines the cutting-edge functions of Samsung’s top-level QLED technology displays with 100% colour volume by Quantum Dot, while providing a new approach to home entertainment with seamless connectivity that meets the needs and habits of the growing mobile viewing audience.

Thanks to it’s innovative design and functions, The Sero was recognized by critics at the world stage too when it was awarded CTA “Best of Innovation” prize at CES 2020. Apart from that, it received an esteemed gold award at the iF Design Awards, one of the world’s most celebrated and valued competitions, that acknowledges design excellence around the world.


Another one of Samsung genius TV innovation, The 2019 Serif TV comes with cutting-edge QLED technology that delivers realistic visuals. One of the award-winning feature in Samsung’s QLED lineup, Magic Screen, provides valuable information such as news headlines, weather updates, and the time. Another cool feature from this TV is the ability to display imagery and blend into any living space by recreating the pattern of your wall on screen.

The Serif series was developed as an aesthetic-focused TV in collaboration with the Paris-based design brothers Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, two of the world’s most famous industrial designers that specialize in furniture. Furthermore, the The Serif won the prestigious 2016 iF Design Award, the 2016 Wallpaper* Design Award in the UK and the 2016 Good Design Award in Japan – making it the first Samsung TV to win these prestigious accolades.


The 2020 model for The Frame will feature the pristine picture quality of QLED, which offers realistic colours in dark and bright scenes with 100% color volume by Quantum Dot. Besides that, the Dual LED technology also increases contrast based on its backlight temperature for optimal colour tones.

But the main feature for The Frame is when you’re not using it. When it’s not used, The Frame’s Art Mode displays digital pieces of artwork, with over 1,200 masterpieces from the art store that includes world-renowned paintings and pictures, turning your living room into an art gallery. Not only that, The Frame can analyze a room’s lighting and automatically adjusts the screen’s brightness and contrast, delivering optimized displays of artwork with the Adaptive Picture function.

But Samsung innovations didn’t stop just at display technology for the frame. The Frame can offer multiple voice assistants which consists of Bixby (Samsung’s AI-powered voice control platform), Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant. This feature meant that users can control the TV and access streaming platforms through whichever preferred voice commands, thus instantly turning into a Smart TV.

While SME is confirming the three TV lineup is coming to Malaysia in 2020, there is no confirmation on pricing and availability date as of the time of this article created. For those who need more information on Samsung’s 2020 lifestyle TV lineups, do visit SME official website at https://www.samsung.com/my or https://news.samsung.com/my.

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