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TRiDENT drops new single “Spoopy”; new mini album to release on Autumn

TRiDENT has officially announced their brand new song called “Spoopy” which will be digitally distributed. The song is included in their 1st mini album “D-X”, which is planned to be released on this Autumn. The music video for “Spoopy” has also already been uploaded on YouTube as well.

The recording of this song was done by Manabu Taura from CRYSTAL LAKE and the arrangement was done by DAIDAI from Paledusk.

The theme of this music video is the, “coexistence of horror and pop”. If you watch the music video, you will understand how TRiDENT has moved onto their next level after they celebrated their two year anniversary. They have changed in both their music and also their view of the world.

As their 1st mini album called “D-X” will be releasing this Autumn, they have confirmed there will be a solo tour promoting their album release.

You can listen to “Spoopy” on all major streaming service by heading to https://ssm.lnk.to/Spoopy.

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