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TraceLink Introduces Opus, the Digital Supply Network Creation Platform, Enabling Industries to Work Together with Collective Intelligence

Introducing Opus, the Only Open Supply Network Platform for Building Interoperable, Integrated Multienterprise Information Networks

NORTH READING, Mass., April 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — TraceLink Inc., the leading digital network platform company, today announced the availability of its new Opus platform. Built on top of TraceLink’s network of 283,000 members, Opus is a digital supply network creation platform that provides a low-code environment for developing multienterprise applications that digitalize processes between companies.

These next generation multienterprise applications solve the inherent technology challenges of integrating people, processes, and information across multiple companies, driving the digital transformation of integrated product flows, financial flows, information flows, work flows, and end-to- end collective supply chain decision-making. Through these patent-pending innovations, TraceLink has built a foundational factory for creating an endless number of networks.

“For decades, multienterprise information networks have been custom-built at tremendous cost for specific processes in specific industries, with no synergies or expansion possibilities. There is a growing need for an open system for building and running interoperable, integrated multienterprise information ecosystems. The digital networks powered by Opus create the foundation for companies to build their Industry 4.0 digitalization strategies that combine customer-centric agility with the collective intelligence of an entire industry,” said Shabbir Dahod, President and CEO, TraceLink. “With Opus we are introducing an open innovation platform for the supply chain similar to the platforms that exist for CRM and Agile Software Development, with the multienterprise requirements unique to supply networks.”

“End-to-end supply chain visibility has become a top priority for most enterprises today, creating the need for companies across industries to manage orchestration across the full supply chain, to gain greater resiliency and more informed trade-offs in shorter time durations,” said Simon Ellis, Program Vice President, Supply Chain Strategies, IDC. “The ability to interoperate across networks is now essential to drive better resiliency and agility in supply chains. By linking companies, people, processes and systems through multienterprise supply chain commerce networks, flexibility, visibility, resiliency and agility can become achievable through shared processes, integrated views, and coordinated decisions across a company’s end-to-end supply network.” 

With TraceLink’s integrated network of networks architecture and common metadata model, intelligence gathering, integration, analysis and learning is inherent in the Opus platform. Members on the TraceLink Network can collectively act more intelligently than any person, company or system – powering real time insight generation and data sharing. Collective Intelligence capabilities enable a new generation of planning and decision-making applications that allow companies to conduct demand-based resource planning in real-time; alleviate product shortages; and, predict/prevent supply disruptions.

The Opus digital supply network creation platform enables TraceLink and certified third parties to build multienterprise applications that can digitalize processes between companies. And the Opus platform features the easy customization of user experiences, data models and workflows, allowing customers and partners to tailor fit their applications to meet their needs, with tools ranging from no-code to low-code development and access to APIs, data models and information.

The highly scalable Opus platform also provides essential capabilities for network management, solution building, application development and network navigation, including:

  • TraceLink Network Management Services: A full range of network company curation services required to ensure a trusted foundation for building digital networks.
  • TraceLink Solution Builder: Applications can be configured and customized for the unique needs of each application owner, using Design Studio to customize experiences; Data Studio to extend the data model, Workflow Studio for customizing workflows and adding business logic; Role Maker to govern permissions to application actions, screen functions and data; and, Policy Maker to define user access to data and application actions.
  • TraceLink Development Environment: A low code development studio for partners to build enterprise and multienterprise applications that can natively run on the Opus Platform.
  • TraceLink Ensemble: An integrated system for navigating within and across networks, process teams and business processes.

Agile Process Teams, The First Multienterprise Application Built on Opus
TraceLink is also announcing Agile Process Teams, the first multienterprise application built on Opus. Agile Process Teams digitally integrates work across the supply chain to collectively reduce manufacturing disruptions by 97%, accelerate the time to resolve issues by 60% and improve delivery performance by 82%.

Agile Process Teams is an application designed to manage today’s supply chain reality – the need to work with supply chain partners on unexpected and unplanned issues and events. From material shortages and late orders to production delays and missing documentation, Agile Process Teams brings structure, collaboration, and shared truth to a process previously managed by emails, spreadsheets, and meetings – transforming relationships with supply chain partners.

To learn more about TraceLink’s new Opus platform, please visit: https://www.tracelink.com/opus-platform.

To learn more about Agile Process Teams, please visit: https://www.tracelink.com/agile-process-teams.

About TraceLink
TraceLink is the only business network creation platform for building integrated business ecosystems with multienterprise applications. Business networks are the foundation of an Industry 4.0 digitalization strategy that delivers customer-centric agility and resiliency of the end-to-end supply network leveraging the collective intelligence of an industry. TraceLink’s Opus Digital Network Platform enables speed of open innovation and implementation with a partner ecosystem for no-code and low-code development of solutions and applications. Learn more at www.tracelink.com

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