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Suning’s Newly-Opened Nanjing Lishui Bonded Warehouse Brings 24-Hour Global Shopping to Yangtze River Delta

– Committed to bringing better one-stop solutions for overseas brands that seek to enter and thrive in the Chinese market

NANJING, China, April 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Suning International, the international business arm of Suning Group, celebrated the shipping of the first parcel from its new Nanjing Lishui bonded warehouse with a ceremony at the Nanjing Airport Bonded Logistics Center on April 16, 2021.

As a key project for the development of Suning Logistics and Suning International, the Suning Nanjing Lishui bonded warehouse operates in tandem with the Nanjing Airport Bonded Logistics Center (Type B) to deliver cross-border eCommerce and bonded logistics services. The facility supports the strategic layout of Suning International in the Yangtze River Delta and broader East China region, and will drive the development and growth of the company’s cross-border eCommerce, offline, aviation logistics and express delivery businesses.

The Suning Nanjing Lishui Bonded Warehouse is situated in Nanjing’s Lishui Economic Development Zone, and boasts a total storage and office space area of 11,300sqm. Warehouse categories include personal care and cosmetics, daily household items, 3C home appliances, mother and baby products, and more. The project integrates Suning Logistics’ industry-leading systems, including its smart operation system, full-process intelligent equipment system and standardized service system.

Prior to opening the Suning Nanjing Lishui Bonded Warehouse, bonded goods needed to first receive customs clearance at other ports in Hangzhou and Shanghai before being transferred to Nanjing. Once the Nanjing Airport Bonded Logistics Center is put into operation, items can be directly shipped internationally to Nanjing Lukou Airport where they will receive customs clearance and be stored in the Nanjing Lishui bonded warehouse — simultaneously improving import-export efficiency while reducing transportation time and costs. With the support of Suning’s smart logistics service system, customers can enjoy rapid delivery of international products from the bonded warehouse within 24 hours.

Yangtze River Delta is prime ground for the development of China’s national economy and an integral logistics hub. With its internationalized societies and highly-developed markets, the region, covering 27 metropolises including the city of Shanghai, has been viewed as a jewel in the crown of China’s economic opening-up and transformation.

Lying in the heart of the Yangtze River Delta region, Lishui district is the only high-quality development pilot zone of the manufacturing industry in the city of Nanjing in eastern China’s Jiangsu province. The district stands at the forefront of the three high-tech industries – new energy, aviation and health – with markets worth hundreds of billion RMB.

The Nanjing Lishui Bonded Warehouse promises to improve the efficiency and operation speed of cross-border logistics services in the region, as well as when transferring goods to other areas in East China. More than 150 million customers are set to benefit from the ability to conveniently purchase global goods without leaving their homes

Committed to enabling overseas brands to enter and thrive in the Chinese market with one-stop solutions including retail and tailor-made branding services, Suning International continues to integrate various high-quality resources, in order to pioneer the new retail model of global trade and realize sales for self-operated and pop-up stores selling products from overseas brands. Global brands can benefit from Suning’s vast warehouse storage facilities and fluid logistics distribution, along with the diverse array of internal and external B2B and B2C channels within Suning’s ecosystem and the ability to deliver ‘single stock’ transactions. As a result, Suning supports these brands to more effectively and efficiently ship products to China and accelerate market penetration.

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