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Stamus Networks Partners with NATO for Locked Shields Exercise

The company lends experts and technology to support the international live-fire cyber defence exercise

TALLINN, Estonia, April 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Stamus Networks, a global provider of high-performance network-based threat detection and hunting systems, today announced its successful participation in Exercise Locked Shields, organized by the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (CCDCOE) in Tallinn, Estonia.

Exercise Locked Shields is the largest and most complex international live-fire cyber defence exercise in the world. An annual event, it has been organized by the CCDCOE since 2010 and is a Red team (attackers) vs. Blue Team (defenders) exercise with teams formed by member nations and partners of CCDCOE. In 2021 there are 22 BTs participating with an average 40 experts in each team. The Teams take on the role of national cyber rapid reaction teams that are deployed to assist a fictional country in handling a large-scale cyber incident with all its implications.

A defensive exercise, Locked Shields uses realistic technologies to train national teams within an exercise environment based on a fictional scenario. While Blue Teams come to the exercise to test the skills needed for the protection of networks, the multinational Red Team delivers the live-fire aspect of the exercise according to the best of their abilities. The Green Team builds and maintains the network infrastructure and develops the special systems for the exercise.

“CCDCOE highly appreciates the contribution of long-term partners who have substantially contributed over the course of several years to the success of the Exercise,” said Colonel Jaak Tarien, director of the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (CCDCOE). “These include NATO with its organisations and commands, the Estonian Ministry of Defence, the Estonian Defence Forces and several private companies such as Stamus Networks.”

Since 2016, the Stamus Networks team has worked with the CCDCOE in multiple exercises by contributing expert personnel and its network security solutions, including its advanced network detection and response (NDR) system — Scirius Security Platform.

“Stamus Networks was founded by cyber defenders to develop tools that make the job of a cyber defender easier and more impactful,” said Ken Gramley, CEO of Stamus Networks. “That’s why we partner with the CCDCOE for these exercises which are designed to strengthen the defensive capabilities of our NATO allies. In addition, it serves as a world-class proving ground for new capabilities in our innovative network detection and response solutions.”

To learn more about the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (CCDCOE) and the Exercise Locked Shields, visit the website: https://ccdcoe.org/exercises/locked-shields/.

About Stamus Networks
Stamus Networks believes in a world where defenders are heroes, and a future where those they protect remain safe. As defenders face an onslaught of threats from well-funded adversaries, we relentlessly pursue solutions that make the defender’s job easier and more impactful. A global provider of high-performance network-based threat detection and hunting systems, Stamus Networks helps enterprise security teams accelerate their response to critical threats with solutions that uncover urgent and acute risk from network activity. Our Scirius Security Platform is an advanced network detection and response (NDR) solution that exposes threats to critical assets and empowers rapid response. For more information visit: stamus-networks.com.

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