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Shandong’s “Confucius Culture & Tourism Envoy” Program Promotes International Exchanges on Culture and Tourism

JINAN, China, Oct. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Shandong Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism will recruit 20,000 Confucius culture & tourism envoys from Chinese language learners and Chinese culture lovers all over the world, so as to promote the cultural and tourism-related brands such as “Make a Study Tour in Shandong” and “Find China in Shandong“.

To implement the “Confucius Culture & Tourism Envoy” Program (the Program), Shandong Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism has promoted the cultural and tourism resources of Shandong by editing and publishing HSK Leveled Readings (Level 1) – Shandong Chapter, developing test banks and test system for the Program, and organizing Chinese Bridge Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students.

In cooperation with ChinesePlus, Shandong Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism invited dozens of Chinese cultural experts and international education specialists on Chinese language to compile HSK Leveled Readings (Level 1) – Shandong Chapter in six languages, making Shandong China’s first province to promote culture and tourism on the basis of the HSK Chinese proficiency test and locking the target populations of Chinese learners all over the world.

Chinese language lovers all over the world may take part in the activity by logging on the official website of “Confucius Culture & Tourism Envoy” or downloading the “Confucius Culture & Tourism Envoy” APP, or logging on to directly take part in the online test.

With a novel form, the test of the Program has drawn great attentions. It consists of eight passes. Guided by the animated Little Qilin, examinees need to fight their way through passes via videos integrating creative amination and live-action shooting.

In addition, information release and promotional activities are carried out by means of Chinese Bridge, the world’s largest Chinese proficiency competition. As of October 2020, the promotional activities have been carried out in 10 countries and regions including Colombia, UK, France, Germany, Australia, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Kazakhstan, and Thailand, and such activities are further promoted by local mainstream media and embassies of the countries in China.

A variety of cultural and tourism promotion activities will be organized for the Program, helping the “envoys” to learn for free the online Chinese language course of the Great Wall Chinese, get the opportunities for taking part in the “Tour in Shandong for Experiencing the Chinese Language and Culture” after the COVID-19 pandemic, and to get a taste of the cultural charm of “Friendly Shandong”.

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