Samsung Galaxy A13 5G ready to let Malaysians to connect 5G connectivity for RM1,099

With the much recent news of the 5G development in Malaysia, Samsung Malaysia has an affordable powerful device that is ready to connect to 5G, the Galaxy A13 5G.

With 5G connectivity on the Galaxy A13 5G, you can expect your productivity to be increased thanks to super-fast download speeds (and upload speed too) regardless of file size. Not only that, it is important for those who need to stay connected with friends, family, classmates or coworkers. The 5G connection allows high-quality, super-stable video calls without the dreaded lag that can halt an online meeting or make you miss out on kindled family moments. 

For those who loves to stream videos or uploading to social media channels, Galaxy A13 5G’s Octa-core processor with up to 12GB of RAM (inclusive of 6GM RAM Plus) will deliver a fast 5G experience. As for music lovers, the new Music Share feature will allow your friends can pair their phones directly to your audio devices. Galaxy A13 5G will stay connected to your own phone during the process, so you can receive notifications. Now you can listen to the same song simultaneously without any hassle. 

Galaxy A13 5G is available in Malaysia with three colours, Light Blue, Black and Orange, with a recommended retail price of RM1,099. 

For more information on the Galaxy A13 5G, please visit: https://www.samsung.com/my/smartphones/galaxy-a/galaxy-a13-5g-light-blue-128gb-sm-a136blbhxme/

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