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Reviving the Event Industry in Makassar, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy Introduces CHSE Protocols

MAKASSAR, Indonesia, Nov. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Indonesia’s Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy returns with CHSE (Cleanliness, Health, Safety, Environment Sustainability) Event Protocols Story (CERPEN) program to promote health guidelines for event organizers in Makassar, South Sulawesi on November 18, 2021.

(left to right) Winda Anggraeny, MC; Hafiz Agung Rifai, Regional Strategy and Promotion Coordinator at the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy; Prana Rama Vidi Suaebo, Toraja Highland Fest’s Initiator; and Sofyan Setiawan, Director of PT Festival Delapan Indonesia.

Makassar’s CERPEN brought in well-known event organizers and creative industry leaders from the province. Speakers attending include Prana Rama Vidi Suaebo, Initiator of Toraja Highland Fest, and Sofyan Setiawan, President Director of PT. Indonesian Eight Festival, and Hafiz Agung Rifai, S.T, the Regional Strategy and Promotion Coordinator at the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy.

Held in a media gathering format, CERPEN collaborates with locals, event holders and creative businesses in South Sulawesi to revive the local event industry.

According to Hafiz Agung Rifai, the Regional Strategy Coordinator at the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, the program implementation is made possible due to the relaxation of government restrictions on social activities across multiple regions, including South Sulawesi.

“As the restriction level on social activities were reduced from September to November, we have started working with postponed events to ensure they can be held safely. In addition to getting a permit from the Police and COVID-19 Task Force in the region, the execution of events must follow CHSE Event Protocols,” explained Hafiz.

Events as a component to bring in tourism

In 2019, there were more than eight million domestic tourists and 17,771 foreign tourists visited South Sulawesi, with more than 20 national and international-scale events held. That number decreased drastically to 62.2% after the pandemic hit in 2020.

This year, several major art and cultural events in South Sulawesi are being held again under CHSE guidelines. One of them is Toraja Highland Fest held in North Toraja on 4-10 October. Making its first debut this year, the cultural event was held to introduce Toraja to potential tourists.

“During the Toraja Fair, a part of the Toraja Highland Festival series of events, will be a mass vaccination session. Only visitors who have been vaccinated can enter and we also limit the maximum number of people in the area to 200 people. In the morning, we will thoroughly clean the area with disinfectant. As for tenants, we urge them to provide a stock of masks for visitors and a hand washing area,” said Prana Rama Vidi Suaebo, host of the Toraja Highland Festival.

Meanwhile, Sofyan Setyawan, President Director of PT Festival Eight Indonesia, stated that the implementation of CHSE can be further optimized in 2022 so that large events can be held again.

Festival Eight, also known as F8 was previously one of the Top 10 Wonderful Events of Indonesia held annually since 2016 up until 2019. However, due to its large-scale, it was forced to pause its 2020 and 2021 editions.

“Because our event is one of the Top 10 Events in Indonesia, it involves multiple national and international guests. We are currently preparing to hold this event in 2022 by ensuring that all Makassar residents and attendees are vaccinated, and strict CHSE protocols are implemented.”

CHSE-based implementation guidelines and process guidelines

The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy has published 11 CHSE-based COVID-19 guidelines and manuals that can be accessed through the CHSE website. The Event Organizing Guidelines, for example, contain complete guidelines on CHSE-based health and safety arrangements for pre-event, during events, and post-event activities such as procedures of dress rehearsals, entry and exit, area disinfection, and closing.

For more information on CHSE guidelines for event organizers, please visit chse.kemenparekraf.go.id.

About the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy

Driven by the vision to make Indonesia a world-class tourism destination, the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy has made various breakthroughs to continue developing the creative industry in Indonesia.

These include the Kharisma Event Nusantara 2021 campaign and socialization of the CHSE (Cleanliness, Health, Safety, and Environmental Sustainability) protocol to all provinces in Indonesia. These various initiatives are expected to help move bring forward national economy positively in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and provide direction for event participants regarding the implementation of safe and comfortable event and tourism implementation.

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