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Reckitt Indonesia Announces Official 12.12 Campaign with Shopee

Families in Indonesia can now get all their family care essentials combined with the most amazing deals.

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Dec. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Reckitt Indonesia is pleased to announce Reckitt’s cooperation with Shopee for a promotional campaign featuring the most lucrative bargains of Reckitt’s products on Shopee. The campaign will run from 1 December 2022, with the peak on December 12, 2022. Inspired by a desire to make the world cleaner and healthier, Reckitt has constantly strived to innovate its products and make them more affordable and accessible to customers.

The perfect portfolio on Shopee

In the upcoming joint promotional efforts with Shopee, customers can find exclusive deals on Reckitt’s product brands, including Enfagrow, Dettol, Vanish, Harpic, and Durex, when purchasing via Shopee with discounts up to 70%, voucher up to 450.000 and other special perks.

“With high determination to improve the health and hygiene of our consumers of all ages, Reckitt always tries to renovate our products that help to protect, heal, and make the world a better place. We hope that our cooperation with Shopee will enable more Indonesian customers to buy these products for personal consumption or for their loved ones to protect their whole families” said Srinivasan Appan, President Director of Reckitt Indonesia.

Boosting confidence through better hygiene

Since its inception, to realize its vision, Reckitt has focused on perfecting its product portfolio in three main categories, including hygiene, health, and nutrition, serving customers in over 200 countries. Regarding hygiene, Reckitt offers several brands, including Dettol, Vanish, Harpic, etc., which handle germs and dirtand removes stains.

Second, for better health, Reckitt has developed a wide range of brands catering to self-care, personal hygiene, and wellness, such as Dettol, Nurofen, Veet, Durex, and Strepsils. Third, understanding the importance of nutrition to human health at all stages of their life, Reckitt provides high-quality nutritional products, including Enfagrow, Sustagen, Provital, Enfamama and some other brands.

“We also highly believe that by introducing these products to more customers in the Indonesian market, we are not only supporting individuals, but we are also changing our nation for the better by enhancing public health and wellbeing,” added Srinivasan Appan.

To explore more about the deals, click here: split.to/Reckitt1212Shopee

About Reckitt

Reckitt exists to protect, heal, and preserve in a collective effort to create a cleaner and healthier world. We believe that access to high-quality hygiene, health, and nutrition is a right for all individuals, without exception.

Reckitt is the company behind a number of the world’s leading consumer brands known and trusted in hygiene, health, and nutrition, including Air Wick, Calgon, Cillit Bang, Clearasil, Dettol, Durex, Enfamil, Finish, Gaviscon, Harpic, Lysol, Mortein, Mucinex, Nurofen, Nutramigen, Strepsils, Vanish, Veet, Woolite and more.


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