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realme Malaysia debuts narzo 30A and three gaming accessories, one day promotion sales start on 4th April

realme has launched narzo 30A with better performance to all gamers and thrill-seeking users in Malaysia. The narzo 30A assembles an outstanding gaming processor, MediaTek Helio G85, 6.5 inch Mini-drop Fullscreen and 6000mAh battery with 18W Dart Charge that ensures leap-forward experiences. realme Malaysia also introduced three gaming accessories to enhance users’ e-Sports experiences with realme Mobile Game Finger Sleeves, realme Cooling Back Clip and realme Mobile Game Controller.

“The narzo 20 series received overwhelming responses among youths for its blazing-fast charging speed, powerful performance and ultra-long battery life. Therefore, the newly launched narzo 30A inherits its predecessor’s advantages to bring a great gaming performance while keeping with the spirit of “Dare to Leap”. As a youthful technology brand, we look forward to deepening our influence among Malaysian youth who seek powerful and superior ownership experience with our latest gadgets and accessories,” said Tiffany Teh, Brand Manager of realme Malaysia.

realme Mobile Game Finger Sleeves 

realme Mobile Game Finger Sleeves is particularly designed for gamers with sweaty hands to have a pleasant gaming experience. It is made up of 30% Superconducting Electric Silver Fiber where its sensitivity is 6 times higher than ordinary carbon fiber materials for users to achieve strong and smooth control. 

The finger sleeves adopt Spin Covering Yarn Technology with 18 needles densely woven. As a result, they are 2 times more sensitive than the traditional 15 needles quality for users to be more responsive while gaming and stay dry.  Thanks to 0.25mm Ultra-Slim Design, they are almost as light as zero weight. The Four-dimensional Elastic Design could also perfectly fit all sizes of finger without feeling the tightness for a comfortable gaming experience. 

realme Cooling Back Clip 

The Cooling Back Clip helps smartphones to stay at a manageable temperature with its patented Dual Cooling technology. By turning on ‘1s Rapid Cooling’ function, the device begins to cool down rapidly with the power-driven semiconductor ice chip and a 7-blade fan that pushes cold air across the entire device. 

Gamers will never have to worry about overheating while gaming as the Peltier effect in semiconductor material enhances Heat Dissipation where heat can be absorbed and discharged to achieve the purpose of cooling. realme Cooling Back Clip also operates silently as low as 27db so that users will be able to enjoy the game peacefully. The built in RGB Lighting distributes dazzling light effects evenly to create a passionate gaming atmosphere and serve as an excellent way to get into the zone. 

realme Mobile Game Controller 

With CapAir Mapping Technology, it can directly send the electrical signal to the screen with an almost imperceptible delay and provides ultra-short key ranges, ensuring high sensitivity and agile control over players’ inputs. The Recordable Burst Mode is one of the most crucial features that enables players to realize the recordable one-touch burst, allowing you to easily attack regularly and defeat a horde of opponents quickly. 

The realme Mobile Game Controller does not require frequent charging due to its 80-hour long battery life which is sufficient for 4 hours continuous playing daily and 20 days of standby. The whole controller uses Micro Switch Trigger with clear feedback where the keystroke is shorter and the trigger is faster, making the operation full of rhythm. 

Head over to the link below to purchase the item:

VersionSales Information
narzo 30A(4+64GB)
RRP: RM599
First Online Sale on realme’s official store at Shopee
Purchase during Shopee 4.4 Mega Shopping Day 2021 at only RM499
realme Mobile Game Finger Sleeves
First Online Sale on realme’s official store at Shopee
Purchase during Shopee 4.4 Mega Shopping Day 2021 at only RM9.90
realme Cooling Back Slip 
RRP: RM149
First Online Sale on realme’s official store at Shopee
Purchase during Shopee 4.4 Mega Shopping Day 2021 at only RM99
realme Mobile Game Controller
RRP: RM99 (single side) 
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