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PaperCut MF now Supports Enhanced Secure Scan to Fax for Healthcare

Making faxing from MFDs in healthcare easier and more secure across brands and fax providers

PORTLAND, Ore., April 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — PaperCut Software, dedicated to making printing better, easier and kinder wherever it occurs, today launched a new faxing module designed to help healthcare workers easily, securely and reliably transmit confidential patient information via fax, since faxing remains a regulatory requirement in many cases. The Scan to Fax service includes Basic (included with PaperCut MF integrated Scanning) and Advanced options, with the primary difference between the two being the highly secure method of sending files via HTTPS. The new scan action in PaperCut MF allows users to send scanned documents through to a selected set of fax providers.

“While faxing has come up against challenges in many industries, that is not the case in healthcare largely due to regulatory requirements,” said Mat Buttrey, Senior Product Manager of Healthcare for PaperCut. “But faxing from multifunctional devices (MFDs) can require separate disparate workflows, taking extra time that busy healthcare workers just don’t have. Plus, there are concerns about the reliability and security of these communications – does faxing get the right amount of laser light security focus as other document transfer/printing methods? Aside from time issues, that’s the primary concern with today’s faxing solutions, and one we are dedicated to solving.”

In many scan-to-fax implementations in MFDs, system administrators are required to use multiple applications to configure the service. With PaperCut’s new Scan To Fax service, the system administrator simply creates a new scan-to-fax action in the PaperCut MF administrative user interface. Then all MFDs using PaperCut Scan to Fax allow users to select the scan action to scan a document, sending it through the preferred fax provider either as an email or via secure HTTPS. It uses a fax connector, configured to send to a selected fax provider, to deliver the scanned documents. Where appropriate, Scan To Fax can be configured to send faxes to a fixed recipient (like a shortcut) or custom recipients, further increasing faxing security and increasing user convenience.

“As we roll out this new function, we believe our healthcare customers will quickly see the value in the Scan to Fax options we’re making available,” added Buttrey. The ability to send to multiple addressees with a single fax and receive delivery confirmation adds significant value to the faxing function, especially in the highly regulated healthcare environment.”

The Scan-to-Fax upgrade in PaperCut MF is currently available for all PaperCut MF customers that have integrated scanning and will be included by default for new installations. For more information about how PaperCut MF Scan-to-Fax or other PaperCut products and services can make printing easier and more secure, visit www.PaperCut.com.

About PaperCut Software

Around the world, workplaces are wrestling with printing costs and print management complexity. PaperCut is solving those problems, one workplace at a time. Since 1998, PaperCut has helped 50 million users in 175 countries save trillions of pages of paper. With PaperCut in their print environment, IT managers solve their nagging print problems once and for all.

How? Its two software solutions – PaperCut MF and PaperCut NG – are cross-platform and vendor neutral. That means they work with any printer and any operating system. Plus, both solutions feature ground-breaking technology such as Mobility Print, secure print release, and rich reporting tools.

Businesses of all shapes, sizes and industries benefit from the control, security, and financial and environmental savings that PaperCut software was built for.

Learn more at www.papercut.com.


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