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Omni Commerce Helps SMEs’ Go Digital to Survive Post COVID-19

“More businesses are adopting an ‘all-channel’ retail approach by utilizing new technologies to deliver consistent, personalized experiences, enabling them to be everywhere their customers are.”

SINGAPORE, Oct. 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Given the economic impact of COVID-19, it is more vital than ever in the current climate for businesses to adapt to market shifts and provide their customers with a unified experience across all channels or touchpoints, to remain relevant. Some companies, however, have managed to turn the crisis into opportunities by making omnichannel strategy a top priority, in hopes that they would be among the first to capture recovery when it comes around.

Making this turnaround requires innovation, in particular, the openness and forward-thinking of business leaders to adopt to new technologies, to pivot the business models to be conducive for short-term survivability and long-term resilience and growth. Therefore, 3D Brand Agency has launched 3D Omni Commerce to help SEMs to survive post COVID-19.

For Ladyfair Beauty Centre, they managed to overcome the odds and sell two months of inventory within the first week of launching their 3D Omni Commerce online store. As demand has soared for chemical-free beauty products, due in part, to a high percentage of the nation’s workforce still required to work from home, the more than three-decade old beauty company has pivoted to prioritize its Camielle therapeutic skin care products over its beauty services, where foot traffic has fallen significantly.

Miss Bhamah Ramdas, the 71 year-old founder of LadyFair Beauty Centre, does not know yet which changes might become permanent but understands that her business must keep up with the times and adapt accordingly to remain competitive in the ever-changing market, post COVID-19.

“I had doubts at first as I am not skilled with technology, but as COVID-19 happened, we were fortunate enough to adopt the right technology to COVID-proof our business. The result speaks for itself,” said Miss Bhamah.

Brands For Good, a recognition awards body for companies who do good to positively impact the environment and community, is also seeing an uptick of businesses moving towards the new e-commerce paradigm by utilizing a fully-integrated approach to sales and marketing.

“With COVID-19 changing the business landscape, technology with purpose is playing a pivotal role for the new paradigm success”, said Alan Ng, Co-Chairman for Brands for Good.

“3D Brand Agency, a nominee for Brands For Good Award 2020 under the Technology For Good category, have led the way to empower SMEs to capitalize on market trends and leverage on disruptive technology with their all-channel approach, e-commerce solution, 3D Omni Commerce.”

About 3D Omni Commerce

3D Omni Commerce is a multi-channel e-Commerce solution developed by 3D Brand Agency, a Pre-Approved Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) vendor under Infocomm Media Development Authority’s (IMDA) SMEs Go Digital programme, which aims to address post-COVID-19 trends in consumer behavior by empowering businesses to interact with customers across multiple shopping channels from a single dashboard. With 3D Omni Commerce, brands can reach out to millions of prospective customers on some of the most popular online marketplaces in Singapore and South East-Asia.

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