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New Look, New Flavors: Goose Island Officially Unveils Brand New Visual Identity and Variety Pack

SHANGHAI, Oct. 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Award-winning and leading IPA craft beer brand, Goose Island, has unveiled a brand new visual identity for three classic beers – Goose IPA, Duck Duck Goose, and Goose 312 – kicking off the launch with the release of a new craft beer variety pack. The release of this special variety pack is made even more special by the inclusion of three new beers exclusive to the Chinese market: Love Spell, “Thirsty Goose”, and “Goose Porter”. With these unique new visual and flavorful offerings, Goose Island continues to elevate Chinese consumers’ craft beer experience.

Goose Island Officially Unveils Brand New Visual Identity and Variety Pack
Goose Island Officially Unveils Brand New Visual Identity and Variety Pack

Classic Brand Elevates Presence with New Image

Goose Island began its legendary journey in Chicago in 1988, driven by founder John Hall’s aim of making the best craft beer in America. Carrying that ambition through to today, Goose Island continues to creatively explore the technical possibilities of brewing, resulting in many sought-after craft beers. Over the years, Goose Island has made great contributions to the development of the modern craft beer industry by leading craft beer education and building a culture around the pursuit of exquisite beer. Since entering into the Chinese market in 2016, Goose Island has firmly established itself as the leading IPA brand in the country with its 6-time award-winning IPA and compelling brand experience.

Goose Island’s adherence to craft culture lies not just in state-of-the-art craftsmanship or its distinctive brand identity, but in its constant drive towards innovation. Bearing this core principle in mind, Goose Island began upgrading its visual identity. With a modern and premium brand image, Goose Island highlights the quality craftsmanship of its beer, and is looking forward to creating a deeper brand connection with consumers.

With a minimalist design, Goose Island aims to intuitively highlight the key attributes of each beer and the brand, while the revamped packaging creates an increasingly modern image and brings a new life to Goose Island. The iconic black and white goose motif jumps forward from the vibrant background, with a bright and mature texture. Inspired by the flag of the city of Chicago, the bottle features three vertical stripes and four stars as a nod to the urban roots of Goose Island in Chicago. Meanwhile, the illustrations emphasizing “hops” and “wheat” highlight the most important ingredients, while still appealing to craft sensibilities.

Goose IPA

The bold IPA logo stands out against a background of hops that underscore the most important ingredient in this 6-time award-winning beverage.      

Duck Duck Goose

As a more sessionable version of classic IPAs, the contrasting colors of light blue and bright orange in the background highlight the pleasantly refreshing qualities of this beer. The continued use of the hops illustration also reminds consumers that despite its lighter body, this beer still contains bright hop aromas and flavors.

Goose 312

With the bold black number “312” against a vibrant yellow background of wheat, Goose Island highlights Chicago’s area code to reinforce its urban roots and the key ingredient in this beer.

Goose IPA, Duck Duck Goose, Goose 312
Goose IPA, Duck Duck Goose, Goose 312

Innovative Craft Beer Brand Creates New Offerings

With the official launch of the new visual identity, Goose Island has also released their Craft Starter Pack with six beers representative of six different styles, designed to take local consumers on an amazing craft beer journey. The Craft Starter Pack includes “Goose IPA”, “Duck Duck Goose”, “Goose 312”, “Love Spell“, “Thirsty Goose”, and “Goose Porter”. Whether visiting relatives or meeting with friends, the Goose Island Craft Starter Pack can easily satisfy the imaginations of all beer drinkers, and enables everyone to enjoy beer together – anytime and anywhere.

Goose Island Craft Starter Pack
Goose Island Craft Starter Pack

For many years, Goose Island has maintained the philosophy that “we don’t need to be the only beer you drink, we just want to be the best beer you drink.” With this in mind, the brand has continuously created unique craft beers for Chinese consumers. In this release, Goose Island has unveiled three innovative beers that continue to capture the hearts of local consumers with rich and unique palates. Love Spell is made from fresh dragon fruit, creating a vibrant magenta-hued fruity beer. “Thirsty Goose” is a hoppy lager that retains the easy drinking nature of a classic lager, while still featuring bright tropical fruit flavors and aromas from the extra addition of hops. “Goose Porter” is a classic porter offering rich notes of coffee and dark chocolate from its use of roasted malts.

Love Spell, Thirsty Goose, Goose Porter
Love Spell, Thirsty Goose, Goose Porter

The Craft Starter Pack is now available on the Goose Island Tmall flagship store, JD and Hema – check it out now to enjoy the extraordinary experience of Goose Island!

About Goose Island

Founded in Chicago in 1988, Goose Island has become an internationally recognized award-winning craft brewery and global leader in the IPA category. Goose Island beers have won a variety of awards at acclaimed beer events including the World Beer Championships, World Beer Cup, World Expo of Beer and the Great American Beer Festival (GABF). Most notably, Goose Island Brewery was instrumental in helping kick off the craft beer movement, which has become a worldwide phenomenon.


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