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lululab’s LUMINI PM at CES 2021 will introduce AI in K-beauty care

If you’re an avid Korean beauty care(K-beauty care) user, you better be prepared for the next innovation for the beauty care industry. Believe it or not, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will play a significant role in the coming years for beauty industry. That said, lululab will be bringing a game changer in the beauty care with AI called ‘LUMINI PM’ at CES 2021.

Let’s learn a bit about lululab. It started off as an AI Beauty start-up, which is a spin-off company from Samsung Electronic’s C-Lab in 2017 and received the CES 2019 & 2020 Innovation Awards in the biotech and Health & Wellness categories for its novel combination of image processing and AI technology in the beauty industry.

Yongjoon Choi, CEO of lululab said “We have high expectations for the function and role of ‘LUMINI PM’, One-stop Service platform to replace experts by taking the role of skin analysis and management which was in the domain of experts only.” With the expansion and specialization of the global home care device market, consumers will demand higher levels of management and systems. Therefore, “We will focus on researching and developing more innovative models in advance of market changes by providing not only home aesthetic devices but also customized services to maximize consumers’ lifestyle and their convenience.” he added.

As for LUMINI PM (Personalized Mirror), it has been certified as CES 2021 Innovation Awards winner. Basically, LUMINI PM is a Smart Mirror Hub that connects home users to the beauty and healthcare industry by providing personalized service through mobile application based on analyzed skin data.

It functions as a personal skin assistant by recommending the most appropriate cosmetics, homecare devices, and healthcare products. The mobile application delivers analyzed skin and lifestyle big data while creating an interactive community between users with similar skin characteristics. Overall, LUMINI PM is a One-stop Service platform which offers from personalized diagnosis to Online for Offline skincare solutions, bringing the beauty latest innovation for home users.

If you’re interested to get LUMINI PM by lululab, make sure to check out the site for CES 2021 coverage!

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