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Launch of Finalcad One – The new project management collaborative platform that optimises team work

PARIS, Jan. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Finalcad, a Next40-listed company, specialising in the digitalisation of the construction and public works sector, is launching Finalcad One. This new application, in freemium mode, brings together all the advantages of a corporate social network and a collaborative platform. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of collaborative work tools has taken off in a spectacular way around the globe. The construction and public works sector, requiring considerable coordination and collaboration of teams, has not escaped this trend. While satisfying the requirements of market players and of peripheral industries, Finalcad One aims to allow teams to optimise their collaboration. This is of special importance in a sector where lack of communication is cited as the major reason for the late delivery of a project*.

> Origin of Finalcad One: an application designed from the collaborative angle
Launched 10 years ago, Finalcad is a company that has developed around digital solutions to mainly meet the requirements of the construction industry and support companies in their digital transformation. The aim is to facilitate collaboration and coordination on a site between the different stakeholders. Over the years, these solutions have been enriched by using technology that has itself evolved.

To satisfy the needs of its customers, Finalcad has decided to launch a brand new collaborative solution based on the latest technological innovations which also benefit from the experience of Finalcad solutions that have supported more than 24,000 projects worldwide.

With its innovative ergonomics, Finalcad One targets all trades and all phases of a project: from its initialisation, including the construction phase and through to maintenance. Over and above the trade solutions provided, this totally customisable application has been designed from the collaborative angle.

> A unique user experience in collaborative mode
Each project is unique and involves several stakeholders: contractors and teams that do not always know each other, but who work together on different sites and sometimes in several languages. Human and collaborative aspects are therefore crucial to all projects and determine performance and productivity. An international survey shows that 62% of professionals questioned* identify lack of communication as the first cause of a project’s late delivery.

This collaboration is especially essential in view of social distancing measures imposed by the current health situation, which are accompanied by new restrictions and constraints.

It was therefore essential for Finalcad to be as close as possible to its customers’ needs and propose the most user-friendly collaborative tool possible: a BtoB solution meeting B2C standards to create work groups based on instant messaging systems with the added possibility of interacting with people linked to a project, regardless of their job profile and at all phases of the project. Whether sharing information, using input forms or working as a team on observations made on site, Finalcad takes its inspiration from best practices in terms of user experience to maximise adoption of the solution by customers’ teams.

Finalcad one, an all-in-one application for:

– all the stages of a project’s life cycle
– all project stakeholders(people working on-site and in offices, on mobile phones or PC, operational and management staff)
– all sectors working on property or production assets (construction and public works but also insurance, distribution, retail, tourism, etc.)
– all cases of use
– all conditions, in all terrains (on- and off-line): wind turbines, tunnels, etc.

> Freemium for access to the platform by the largest number
Finalcad One gives access, in freemium mode, unlimited in time, to all its features. If the user wants to take full advantage of digitalisation to manage their projects, upgraded offers will be proposed allowing them to considerably increase the level of use of the platform.

By removing the financial barrier, Finalcad wants to make everyday life easier for teams and allow everyone (contractors, architect, site manager, etc.) regardless of the size of their business, to work together on a project for its whole duration.

The ambition is to create a large community of users.

> An application that adapts to all sectors
Finalcad One is aimed at all sectors revolving around a construction project (Finalcad’s historic sector), like for example insurance, distribution, real estate, tourism, etc. But also new emerging peripheral sectors to support challenges in the construction industry, like low-carbon construction.

“Today, each smartphone user has a multitude of applications for their specific needs. With Finalcad One, we strive to propose a unique application to break down barriers between the professional and the private sphere. The objective is to bring real comfort of work through an easy-to-use and all-in-one application, satisfying everyone’s needs.

“We also wanted to market this application in freemium mode to overcome financial constraints and allow access to the largest number,” as is enthusiastically explained by Franck Le Tendre, Finalcad’s CEO.

* International market survey conducted by Finalcad and Coleman Parkes in February 2020 among 400 construction professionals.

About Finalcad
Finalcad is a collaboration platform designed to optimise the on-site experience of employees in the construction sector – building, infrastructure and energy in particular – and allow them to “build their dreams”. It helps construction firms deal with difficulties linked to low margins and limited profitability by reducing operating costs, contributing to continuous improvement and reinforcing employees’ efficiency. Finalcad allows companies to roll out their existing processes more efficiently and safely by digitising their work flows: it compiles data from the whole site, the centre or asset by supplying all stakeholders (workers, subcontractors, project manager and customer) with the information they need to make the right decisions. 

Founded ten years ago by a team of experts with in-depth knowledge of the industry, Finalcad has raised $63 million to date and is listed on the “Next40”, an index established by the French government comprising 40 start-ups and offering the best prospects of becoming global technological leaders. Based in France, Finalcad employs more than 120 people internationally. Its customers worldwide have entrusted it with 24,000 projects in 35 countries. 

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