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Korean leading brand ‘L.Linic’ for high-end LED Mask is being launched at Lazmall

SEOUL, South Korea, Sept. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — LED Mask from ‘L.Linic’, a Korean brand for home beauty devices, will now be available at Lazmall Singapore. In addition, a special promotion will be held from Sept.15th to Sept. 29th only on the official L.Linic Lazada Mall page. It will offer gifts when purchasing the original LED Mask.


L.Linic is a premium beauty device brand that helps to get a professional-level of skin care at home. L.Linic’s Intensive LED Mask is a triple-layered high-density LED treatment for full facial care. Moreover, since the LED transmittance is increased through a special technology, an abundant amount of light is transferred to the skin improving its elasticity, allowing you to enjoy effects like whitening and dead skin cells recovery at home.

With an increasing interest in home skin care and the development of beauty device technology, the number of LED masks has grown quite rapidly. Now consumers are paying attention to both effectiveness and safety and ‘eyes safety’ is one of the most important point to consider.

L.Linic developed exclusive eye protection to guarantee safety. Only near infrared (IR) and red wavelengths are used for skin improvement, completely blocking the blue light which is harmful for eyes health. Safety glasses, about 15mm height and 3 mm thick specially designed for eyeball security, protect the user’s eyes by double blocking direct and refracted lights.

In addition, ‘even LED intensity’ provides a better performance of the Mask. A large amount of LED chips don’t guarantee results like moisturized and elastic skin if the output volume isn’t constant. L.Linic’s LED Mask evenly distributes the light all over the forehead, cheeks and chin while ergonomic design covering the entire face with a special pigment composition inherent only L.Linic that maximize the effect of the Mask.

L.Linic’s official said, “Due to the rapid increase in demand for home beauty devices around the world, various LED masks have appeared in the market place and the most important point to consider is ‘safety’. Hence, L.Linic products have passed the LED Cheap Components test in all wavelength bands at the Korean Testing Laboratory (KTL), completed the electromagnetic wave certification, RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive) test and radon detection test. After obtaining all electromagnetic wave certifications not only in Korea but also in Europe and Japan, L.Linic products have been approved for the US FDA Class 1 registration confirming its safety worldwide. With entering into the Lazmall Singapore, L.Linic will provide a guaranteed premium beauty care at home.” During this event shoppers can enjoy the benefits of experiencing various L.Linic products.

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