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Innovative Pool Cleaner Manufacturer Aiper Smart Fights to Make Pool Maintenance More Affordable

LOS ANGELES, April 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Aiper Smart is excited to introduce to the public the most affordable robotic pool cleaner of the Aiper Smart brand, the AIPURY600 cord-free robotic pool cleaner. The AIPURY600 was released earlier this year and was designed to provide affordability, efficacy and convenience for those who clean their pools regularly. The release of this project marks a major milestone for the company as they labor to make technology of this nature available to a wider cross-section of society.

The mission and goals set by Aiper Smart are designed with their customer’s best interests in mind. Aiper Smart’s mission is to offer every household practical hyper-smart automated solutions designed to take care of their entire home and lighten the burden of housework. “Our goal is to bring a reliable quality of a clever automated pal into every household at an affordable rate with rapid shipping and a helpful customer service team”, shared William, the United States Area Product Manager of Aiper Smart.

The AIPURY600 is a cordless robotic pool cleaner that is small and lightweight, weighing approximately seven pounds, easy to store and pack up, contains an intensive battery, and can work for roughly fifty minutes once fully charged. It features an auto-“pullover” technology that automatically moves to the edge of the pool when the battery is low.

Aiper Smart has created a means for technology such as this, which was once only affordable to the affluent. The AIPURY600 is designed with solid suction allowing it to capture objects including leaves, dead worms, sand and other debris. It is also effective in cleaning loose rust particles that settle at the bottom of the pool. This machine cleans pools of up to fifty square meters or five hundred and thirty-eight square feet.

In establishing their pricing, Aiper Smart have sought to make their products cheaper than hiring a pool cleaner. According to Jenny, a customer who owns a small pool and bought this pool cleaner earlier this month, “I used to hire a cleaner to clean my pool, but it is costly.” She continues, “This robotic pool cleaner is beginners-friendly. I can enjoy my pool time without worrying about cleaning.”

Committed to making this technology available to all, Aiper Smart has made a concerted effort to produce high-quality products at prices below the market. Currently, other robotic pool cleaners available on the market are being sold for $500$1000. The newly designed AIPURY600 can be purchased for $265.99 and is currently on sale for $205.99. AIPURY600 is the second-best seller on Amazon in its category. This product is the cheapest on the market and it is highly durable.

The company Aiper Smart is an internationally experienced provider of smart cleaning devices, besides robotic pool cleaners, it will also provide automated floor sweepers, and lawn mowers for the home and yard, both indoor and outdoor surfaces in the near future.

Founded in 2017, Aiper Smart designs and supplies innovative housekeeping solutions on its official website and Amazon. Since its inception, the company has managed to position itself ahead of its competitors by leveraging its international team of designers and engineers to ensure high-quality, efficient and affordable products for its customers.

Aiper Smart and its myriad of convenient household products can be found on their website & Amazon or their social media pages: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. You can also email them: support@aipersmart.com or call them: (877) 756 – 8666 for inquiries.

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