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HUAWEI AppGallery Connect Unveiled New Logo

SHENZHEN, China, April 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — AppGallery Connect, the app service platform provided by HUAWEI AppGallery, has unveiled its new logo. The design of the logo is inspired by the angle brackets (<>), two symbols frequently used in coding. The two angle brackets are closely connected to form a square, conveying the message that AppGallery Connect is dedicated to deepen the partnership with the developers to jointly build innovative apps.

“The new logo highlights AppGallery Connect’s role is not just as an app distribution service platform, but also a partner of developers as they continue to drive the innovation that leads to the creation of new apps,” said HUAWEI AppGallery Connect operations director.

AppGallery Connect’s new logo.

AppGallery Connect’s new logo.

Aligned with its slogan of “Empowering Creativity”, AppGallery Connect provides developers worldwide with services covering the full app lifecycle – from innovation through development, distribution and operations to analytics, while supporting Android, iOS, Web, and Quick App. AppGallery Connect is designed to help app developers improve their development and operations efficiency, as well as assist them in achieving user and revenue growth with the mission of creating a better digital life for users worldwide. AppGallery Connect accomplishes this by delivering an accelerated development pipeline that leads to business success.

As of the end of 2020, AppGallery Connect had opened services to 2.3 million developers spread across more than 170 countries and regions. 69 services are available for developers outside of China, including Auth Service that has improved development efficiency among developers by 80%; Remote Configuration, which has helped to increase the MAU for apps by 10%; and App Bundle, which has improved the app installation success rate by 4%, among many other services that support developers in achieving success.

With a strong lineup of online empowerment programs, AppGallery Connect Academy aims to maximize the value of AppGallery Connect services while playing a key role in driving developers’ business success. In addition, AppGallery Connect Academy will continue to organize online live events for developers with the aim of facilitating exchange among developers by providing details on AppGallery Connect’s open services and sharing partners’ success stories. Looking toward the future, AppGallery Connect plans to continue working with developers to support the building of an app development ecosystem by promoting and sharing innovations in technology. 

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