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HI-LO Is Building A Worldwide Programming Network

TAIPEI, April 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — HI-LO systems, the leading global provider of IC programming solutions, has seen the strong increase in high density NAND memory (eMMC and UFS) and MCU with 15% to 20% in 5 years under the trends of AI, connected cars, electric cars, and 5G application. HI-LO has launched advanced programming solutions including latest models of device programmers (ALL-300 series), automated programming systems (AT3-310 series), and different kinds of programming service.

A little but powerful IC is an engine. Hundreds of billions of ICs are designed and given functions per year. As they become smaller while carrying more functions, HI-LO is fully aware its solutions need to be more innovative and precise to catch up the trends and protect customers’ properties.

With cutting-edge programming core, ALL-300G2 delivers the fastest and most stable programming performance on latest mobile storage interface eMMC and UFS 3.0/3.1, becoming the first choice for engineering development among ones of competitors.

As for mass production, automated programming systems AT3-310A4 is equipped with 4 device programmers, up to 64 sockets simultaneously. To maximize the precision in production, HI-LO’s innovative vision position systems guarantee the IC will be picked and placed precisely without slight deviation.

Moreover, intelligent setup, smart operation, and HI-LO MES HiLo NET in automated systems reduce the changeover time to less than 15 minutes and eliminate human errors.

Comprehensive solutions with requirements in all aspects are the reason why customers from world-leading EMS to top automotive corporations trust HI-LO’s products with their most valuable design.

As for safety, it means more than the safety of the equipment in HI-LO’s standard. It’s the protection against unneglectable threats that now actually exist within current products and business: intellectual hacking and theft.

To address such threats, HI-LO has developed different levels of secure solutions such as encrypted programming and zero-trust supply chain implementation to meet various security demands. Moreover, HI-LO keeps its solutions as technologically flexible as possible and has worked with multiple parties throughout the supply chain to develop even more comprehensive protection.

With reliable solutions prepared, HI-LO decides to build the world’s First secure and non-secure programming network to deliver completed IC programming at the optimized efficiency. Affirming its leading industry position, HI-LO is looking for business partners to join them and do the next great thing.

For more information on HI-LO, please visit https://www.hilosystems.com/


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