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GALA Sports’ Total Football takes mobile game entertainment to the next level to maximize the fun of World Cup Qatar 2022

Total Football, a genuine football simulation game for smartphones, launched just before the start of the World Cup 2022 to ride the momentum Innovative breakthroughs in AI, rendering techniques and motion captures bring a total new level of mobile sports gameplay GALA Technology, the parent company of GALA Sports, has filed for initial public offering on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong

HONG KONG, Dec. 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — There is an endless discussion among football fans: Latin American style or European style, which is better? The coming match between Argentina and Netherland on December 10 which promises to be an emotional occasion may offer a hint all to the fans around the world. However, it will not be surprising that whatever displayed on scoreboard will be thunderstriking to millions of devoted yet disappointed fans, and lead to a series of “what if” questions to them: What if you can rewrite the history of the World Cup via a mobile game?

Big names available in Total Football allow you to become an ultimate football star

Chinese mobile game developer GALA Sports now offers the football fans opportunities of a fierce revenge or a replicate of a beautiful score with its new game Total Football, an AI-backed football simulation game for portable devices. The new title has been published in Europe one week before the World Cup started and it aims to give a new level of entertainment for football fans to enjoy during the long-waited football leagues. GALA Sports’ parent company, GALA Technology, has submitted an application for an initial public offering to the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong in September.

Officially licensed by FIFPro and Manchester City, Total Football includes the real names and likenesses of more than 4,000 football players, as well as the official kits and stadium of the current champions of the Premier League. With Ronaldinho as its ambassador, players can bring the Brazilian legend back to the pitch to recreate his best movements and dribbling techniques on smart phone screens. Players would be amazed by how sports games graphics have improved so much on portable devices.

Excellent visuals by AI, rendering, motion capture techniques to enhance game experience

In Total Football, GALA Sports is proud to present its innovative breakthroughs. In a football match, not only dozens of athletes play on a virtual football pitch, but tens of thousands of spectators in the stands cheer and react to what happens on the field. This entails displaying complex virtual structures behind the screen, and in Total Football, it can render up to 100,000 dynamic audiences on the same screen, which is close to live broadcasting a real football match on a smart phone. Total Football is also run by what is called Arena Intelligence, which is a data-driven AI system. With data from thousands of real games collected, players’ features are carefully shaped with the actual information of the players’ physical strength, running speed, shooting accuracy, and their habits on the pitch. This enables realistic portrayal and simulations of gameplay, strategies and team formations that close to real matches. In additions, GALA Sports has the largest motion capture venue in Asia for sports games where it has recorded more than 2,000 hours of on-pitch movements and actions of professional football players. The database supports display of almost all possible human movements and actions that could happen on a football pitch on mobile devices. All of these make everyone’s dream come true, becoming the Golden Ball player in his own game.

Total Football is only the beginning of Gala Sport’s journey

“A huge amount of motion materials, data, complicated AI framework, plus a relatively long R&D cycle are indispensable for the development of a sports game. Hence, the costs and workloads required are no less than that in a massively multiplayer online game (MMO). After 5 years of R&D, Gala Sports has finally launched Total Football, which has achieved outstanding results in the Chinese market. Just before the opening of the World Cup Qatar 2022, we brought Total Football to the rest of the world, aiming to penetrate more mobile game players with the perspective of football culture.” says Huang Xiang, Chief Technology Officer of GALA Sports. “While Total Football represents a major step forward for us, it is by no means the end of the journey. Our team is currently developing three brand-new mobile sports games for basketball, baseball, and American football. All the future releases would outperform their predecessors. We believe that our dedication to both sports and mobile game will take us to the leading position in the global sports mobile game arena.”

GALA Sports is an industry veteran with a track record of success in mobile sports games. Its earlier games, such as Football Master, NBA Basketball Master, and Football Master 2, had been initially introduced to the Chinese market and have since moved to numerous overseas countries with great success. In Vietnam, for instance, Football Master 2 and Football Master were ranked first and second among FIFPro-licensed football simulation games in 2021. Due to its fluid gameplay and outstanding motion animation, Total Football has been recently highlighted and shown on the latest Apple iPad model’s display.

About GALA Sports

In 2013, GALA Sports was founded in Shenzhen, China, by a team of sports and technology enthusiasts who want to bring great gaming experiences to sports fans. GALA Sports have developed and launched several mobile sports games to the Chinese and Overseas markets, including Football Master, NBA Basketball Master, Football Master 2, and Total Football.

GALA Sports is a part of GALA Technology Holding Limited, which has submitted an application for an initial public offering on the main board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong.

For more, please visit: http://www.galasports.net/EN/

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