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Future Fresh 2021 by Plstc.co offers a platform for Malaysian Tamil rapper to shine into international scene

As 2021 starts to go back normal, the Malaysia music industry continues to innovate itself with various program. Plstc.co is introducing Future Fresh 2021, a Tamil Hip Hop showcase featuring live performances of young and upcoming Malaysian rappers.

This showcase aims to create a recognizable platform for young Malaysian talents whilst gaining exposure and experience. “I think it’s time for the music scene to recognize and build new talents. We have so many potentials but they do not have the right platform to kick start their career. I wanted to create that platform for these new young talents,” said Rabbit Mac, Creator, Director and Executive Producer of FUTURE FRESH 2021.

Future Fresh 2021 offers first of its kind in Malaysia where it aims to build a platform for new potential rappers, beat producers and Djs to show off their skills and give them exposure into the local music scene through the showcase. It is also Malaysia’s first Tamil TrapHop showcase, a crossover between the Trap genre and Tamil rap as well.

The showcase is slated to be the first annual Youtube series in the local Hip Hop community, the first season comprising 13 episodes will feature live cyphers from 39 rappers. Each episode will see three rappers battling their skills to beats produced by young beat makers and assisted by local Djs. The series will emphasize the rapper’s style, skills, bars and flow.

Rabbit Mac, who is also the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Plstc.co, said through this cypher showcase he aims to bring Tamil hip hop to the global market. “My dream is to witness any one of these young Tamil rappers reach Hollywood. We have seen Malaysia create many rap legends and I know these new talents will be of no exception.”

Future Fresh is supported by Universal Music Malaysia and has collaborated with Retro Group of Asia, Spinnup, JD Sports, Monster Energy, EK Collection and Adalah.my.

The first episode was released on 1 February 2021. FUTURE FRESH’s episodes will premiere on YouTube every Monday and Thursday at 1pm.

For more information, visit www.plstc.co or www.instagram.com/futurefresh.co

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