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Fun Fast Fest – a festival of motorsports, music fest and entertainment activities will take place for the first time in Vietnam on 1&2 May 2021

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, April 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — On the 1st and 2nd of May – Fun Fast Fest –  3F festival, with a series of super attractive entertainment activities such as racing performance, adventure activities, music festival, food festival… will be held for the first time in Vietnam at Dai Nam, Binh Duong. Overcoming the obstacles from the Covid-19 pandemic, the event is expected to attract about 30,000 participants from all over the country.

3F - Fun Fast Fest

3F – Fun Fast Fest

Breaking the limit, exploring the passion for speed with top-notch racing

Motorsport performances are the top activities to be expected at 3F – Fun Fast Fest because of the irresistible appeal of this sport. Here, you and your family will admire the super-speed races combine with lightning and vibrations of hundreds of racing cars and large displacement motorcycles. You will be immersed in the intensity of the combination of fear, curiosity and excitement. It is a common feeling for many people to witness an object that moves too fast compared to the usual level. This is the foundation that forms Motorsport, where people seek to escape the invisible fear, and join together by the passion for speed.

The racing stages at the 3F Festival – Fun Fast Fest have the participation of more than 100 professional and semi-professional racers with a variety of competition categories including Auto gymkhana (drive the car through obstacles), Drifting (where the racer intentionally oversteers, with loss of traction, while maintaining control and driving the car through the entirety of a corner), Karting (motorsport road racing with open-wheel), UB150 (Racing 150cc class motorcycle) and Roller Sport (roller skating). More specifically, the event also has the participation of Female racers.

The 3F Festival – Fun Fast Fest will act as the opening of professional Motorsport annual events, and will be the launch pad to bring outstanding racers in Vietnam to the international arena. Especially, this event will select two out of three racers (1 male + 1 female) representing Vietnam to attend the World Motorcycle Event held by FIA in October, 2021 in France. In addition, the event also contributes to the elevation of the tourism, entertainment and associated services industry, becoming a good promotional opportunity for local tourism and businesses.

Between the competition time frames, the 3F Festival opens the doors to luxury car exhibition areas and spectacular Motorsport performances. The exhibition area brings together famous super cars and sports cars of brands like Maserati, Porsche, Audi … that are loved not only because of theirs performance and high-end features and but also by their impressive and sophisticated design which are the result of great creative efforts.

Fly board – Stunt show

The festival 3F – Fun Fast Fest also offers a unique and ultimate experience for visitors from our professional Fly board athletes. This is a water sport that is quite popular in major coastal cities around the world. Professional athletes will perform in 30 minutes with 2 main activities: team and individual performances. Flyboard uses a powerful jet engine that sucks water through a long pipe below and pushes out with a great amount of pressure. This thrust can cause the user to fly up to a height of 9 – 10m above the water surface.

You will admire athletes “flying” on the water and performing acrobatics, diving or jumping out of the water beautifully through the magical hand of our famous director, Vi My. This activity promises to bring an exciting experience for young people.


Continuing the spirit of “Unleash the potential with passion for speed”, the 3F – Fun Fast Fest festival brings an epic music night in EDM style with the gathering of famous artists such as: Noo Phuoc Thinh, Isaac, Lowkey, Mes, KenJi, KOO, Dj Vinjaz, DJ Lai Thanh Huong, Dj Tio, DJ MIKI, MC Lil Vin’x, MC Goku, DJ Mie, Rapper Karik, Thao Trang … with the impressive direction of our director, Vi My. We promise to bring our audience the ultimate experience of sound and light in our vibrant EDM music night.

Through the music fest, the Organizing Committee of 3F Festival wishes to bring a healthy entertainment field with passion, encouraging young people to continue living with a strong spirit of conquest and dare to challenge themselves to overcome their limits.


Festival 3F – Fun Fast Fest brings a variety of passionate culinary space with hundreds of delicious street food. In addition to a variety of dishes, groups of visitors from family to individuals will have the chance to explore a variety of games and entertainment such as horse racing, artificial beach …

The event does not just stop at eating – playing – watching racing but also connecting the public community in the southern provinces as well as the whole country that loves food and wants to have a great destination to travel during this pandemic.

Motul, HelenCare, Mortlach, ROC, Maxxis, AR Group, AzHome are our sponsors of the event. We expect the event to attract around 30,000 participants from all over the country.

The event ticket is officially open for sale, immediately accessible at: https://funfastfest.vn/

About Vietnam Racing Academy:

Vietnam Racing Academy (VRA) is the leading organization in Motorsport training and coaching in Vietnam. VRA is a member of the Vietnamese Motorsports Association – the only ASN of the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) – the organization that runs international races. VRA’s mission is to improve driving culture, racing culture, and to train human resources from organizations, referees and racers in order to meet international standards. VRA hopes the 3F Festival will become an annual event with professional Motorsport activities. In addition, the event is promising to become a trendy entertainment activity that could attract a large number of fans, and helping them to unlock their potential and satisfy their desire to surpass their own limits.


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