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Designated As the Official Supplier of the China Pavilion at the World Expo for the Second Time, Arrow Unveiled Its New Product Launch for 2021 World Expo Dubai

BEIJING, April 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — On April 13, “ARROW, One of the China’s Finest for the World”—Arrow New Product Launch for 2021 World Expo Dubai” was held in Beijing in the innovative form of a live online broadcast with the application of XR virtual technology. It was for the first time that a new product launch in the home furnishing industry was held in such an innovative form with the application of XR virtual technology. It was also the first major product launch event in the Year of the World Expo Dubai after Arrow was awarded as the “designated ceramic sanitary ware supplier for the China Pavilion at EXPO 2020 Dubai UAE.” Through the XR virtual technology, a series of Arrow’s new products for the World Expo Dubai were launched including the smart toilets V8-Leo and ultra-clean S6-Relax , the thermostatic showers YAFEI Series, the customized spaces Jiangnan Series, the ceramic tiles of premium customized solid color, and other products. In addition, Arrow’s global business strategies and overseas business layout for the next decade were also announced in this event, presenting global consumers a spectacular display of the future smart life.

“A Make in China, A Select of the World--Arrow New Product Launch for 2021 World Expo Dubai”

“A Make in China, A Select of the World–Arrow New Product Launch for 2021 World Expo Dubai”

Early in the 2015 Word Expo Milan, Arrow became the designated sanitary ware and tile supplier for the China Pavilion. Receiving this special honor for a second time not only displays Arrow’s strength, but also provides opportunities and challenges for Arrow to be presented in the international arena. Through the platform of the World Expo Dubai, Arrow will accelerate its forward-looking overseas layout and further expand its market shares in countries along the “Belt and Road Initiative” route with the Middle East market as a breakthrough in the next decade.

Under the influence of “the Belt and Road Initiative” calling for an ecological environment featuring green development, resource recycling, hygiene and health, Arrow attaches great importance to the development and application of technologies in products that are “super energy-conserving , super water-saving, and super hygienic” . With the development of four major self-cleaning anti-bacteria technologies, Arrow presents global customers a smart, healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle through intelligent control on its products, so as to initiate a super-hygienic era for the world.

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