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Covid Fear Not A Factor For Malaysian Girl Who Takes On 3 Jobs Daily

KUALA LUMPUR, June 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Lately, Covid 19 has taken a huge toll on the global economy. Many salarymen are either getting pay cuts or being retrenched and the financial health of thousands, if not millions, are heavily affected. However, amid an agonizing situation as such, there is always the glass-half-full person standing out somewhere in the crowd. Bigo Live Malaysia recently came across a Malaysian lady, Nicky Shane, who has managed to take on a positive outlook by working 3 jobs daily.

With the pandemic spreading like wildfire, governments all over the world are imposing control orders, ranging from light ones like giving out cautionary advice to declaring full-fledged lockdowns. As a result, many people are laying low and shying away from the bubbly lifestyles they previously lead. This does not seem to be the case for this young Malaysian lady. She does the exact opposite by jumping at the opportunity of creating a buzz on the virtual space. She works hard and gets to build her very own state-of-the-art streaming setup.


Nicky Shane shares what her day is like

“I’m primarily a digital marketer by day. Then, I work on and market my own snack, and start streaming on Bigo Live at night before finally calling it a day.”

“Work isn’t everything there is to life. We must achieve work-life balance. Sometimes, when we turn our hobby into our career, we may even make some money out of it,” said Nicky.

“Currently, I still devote my daytime to my main career as a digital marketer, work on small businesses after that, and stream on Bigo Live after dark for some additional income.”

Nicky Shane (goes by: Nicky), a well-known Bigo Live streamer was recently interviewed by Bigo Live Malaysia. Nicky works 3 jobs every single day tirelessly to achieve her dreams. Talk about harvesting great energy!

She got to know about live streaming during MCO 2.0 in October last year when she was stuck at home, she told Bigo Live Malaysia. That was when she started streaming live.

“Besides having loads of fun streaming live, I’ve met many friends online and have expanded my network greatly,” exclaimed Nicky.

Regardless of her uber packed schedule, Nicky still manages to find the time to transform her room into a state-of-the-art Live-recording studio. And the end result? It looks super professional.

“I invested in making over my streaming space by improving the setup which includes getting a new neon lamp, fully-automated LED lights, gaming chair, audio interface, sound system, and even a voice-controlled smart home system.”

Nicky single-handedly transformed her streaming space to a fully functional one. She even live-streamed the entire process and her fans were wowed by it!

Besides sharing her thoughts and the little things in her life, Nicky also sings, cooks, and chats with her fans. From her first live stream in 2020 until now, Nicky has garnered over 20,000 followers on Bigo Live. She has also got over 12,000 fans on her social media.

Nicky on stream on Bigo Live!

“As long as you are willing to give yourself a shot and always do your best, you will reap its benefits,” the highly positive Nicky shares.

Ever since Nicky’s interview went online last Tuesday, it has received over 130k views and countless positive comments in a week on Bigo Live Malaysia’s official page.

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