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CES 2021 Natural and Comfortable Mixed Reality Experience

TAIPEI, Jan. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Mixed reality is expected to be a killer application of the 5G networks and trigger a paradigm shift of computing platform, just like smartphones did a decade ago. Despite the bright future envisioned, existing mixed reality devices often cause dizziness and discomfort and hinder users from the true joy of mixed reality.

PetaRay, a startup company, is chartered with the mission to deliver the most natural and comfortable experiences for mixed reality by providing industry leading light field technology. It positions itself as a key enabler of this next-generation computing paradigm.


“The primary cause of the dizziness and uncomfortable feeling of existing near-eye displays is the vergence-accommodation conflict,” said Jack Wang, the CEO of PetaRay. “Vergence-accommodation conflict is inevitable for conventional displays with a single fixed focal plane, and PetaRay has developed an innovative and elegant solution to solve the problem.”

PetaRay’s solution is called LiFiD, which is delivered in the form of optical module for near-eye displays. It reproduces the light rays of a scene and projects them directly onto user’s retinas. The optical module is nicely packaged to offer a compact form factor extremely suitable for wearable devices. In addition, it can accommodate many different kinds of glasses and displays.

Besides projecting light rays directly onto user’s retina to solve the vergence-accommodation conflict, LiFid has continuous focal planes and allows the display content to precisely match the desired depth of field. No eye tracker and/or other sensors are needed for the projection.

Professional Team with Experience and Passion

PetaRay has a wide range of expertise ranging from optical design to signal processing. Dr. Homer Chen, the founder of PetaRay and a renowned multimedia expert, has seventeen years of high-tech R&D and management experiences in the US industry. Jack Wang, the CEO of PetaRay, has abundant leadership experiences in electronics industry serving as the R&D Vice President and Co-Founder of Syntek Semiconductors and Myson Century and the CEO, Chairman, and Co-Founder of Tenx Technology. Dr. Jerry Chen, the COO of PetaRay, was the COO and CFO of Augentix, Inc. and Managing Director of Corporate Development at AsiaInfo Technologies, Inc.

CES 2021 TTA-VR Pavilion: https://pse.is/3bdrus

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