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AsiaPay partners with Qiscus to enhance customer experience with frictionless checkout and payment

JAKARTA, Indonesia, April 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — AsiaPay, a leading digital payment solution company in Asia, has today partnered with Qiscus, a leading expert in multi-channel conversation platform in Indonesia, to simplify the digital payment process for customers via chat and call / Meet software development kit which making commerce more frictionless than ever before.

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Through this strategic partnership, AsiaPay aimed to extend its digital payment transaction services through conversation commerce via chat for its merchants’ customers. It will enable businesses in Asia to accept digital payments through chat platforms so that customers can make direct payments to them easily and practically anytime. To customers, it further addresses the trends of making purchases during conversation, and customers find it simpler and more convenient. To merchants, it also helps businesses meet the challenges of changing customer behaviors with enhanced customer experience.

“This pandemic has brought to many companies unprecedented challenges, and has accelerated growth of volume and variety of digital interactions between customers and businesses,” said Joseph Chan, AsiaPay CEO, “We are excited to partner with Qiscus to help drive conversational commerce and engage with consumers where they spend their digital lives on messaging platforms. This multi-channel chat enables entirely new experiences, and brings new sales conversion of merchants in Asia with online chat conversation. Besides, it provides merchants with flexible payment alternatives.”

“With the development of chat becoming Conversational UI, we are glad to joined hands with AsiaPay to synergized in fulfilling the need for chat-based transactions in particular sectors, such as retail, insurance, hospitality, and others. We aim to provide a seamless customer experience in digital payments via chat for customers.” – Delta Purna Widyangga, CEO of Qiscus. “Additionally, we are looking to include AsiaPay as our partner in their customer experience ecosystem. The Qiscus CX Ecosystem is a marketplace which allows existing Qiscus customers to choose a payment option provided by AsiaPay. Qiscus also expects to move forward with AsiaPay towards enabling a chat-based payment mechanism where sellers and buyers can transact seamlessly via a Conversational UI in a simple process,he added.

With technology playing a significant role in every aspect of business, chat has become a Universal UI, or more commonly known as Conversational UI. Most of the social interactions in consumers’ lives are carried out on social platforms and customers are more accessible through social chat messengers (i.e. WhatsApp, LINE, etc.) than other channels. This has resulted in a Culture of Immediacy where customers now expect to get what they want simply through online chat conversations.

About AsiaPay

Founded in 2000, AsiaPay, a premier electronic payment service, and technology player strive to bring advanced, secure, integrated, and cost-effective electronic payment processing solutions and services to banks, corporate and e-Businesses in the worldwide market, covering an array of international credit card, debit card, prepaid card, netbanking, eWallet, and QR, as well as cash collection.

AsiaPay is an accredited payment processor and payment gateway solution vendor for banks certified ISO and PF for serving merchants, certified international 3-D Secure vendors for Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and JCB. AsiaPay offers a variety of award-winning payment solutions that are multi-currency, multi-lingual, multi-card, and multi-channel, together with its advanced fraud detection, payment analytics, and management solutions.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, AsiaPay offers its professional ePayment solution consultancy and quality local service support across its other 14 offices in Asia including Australia, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Mainland China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia and India.

For more information, please visit www.asiapay.com and www.paydollar.com

About Qiscus

Qiscus was founded in 2013 by a group of colleagues who have the same vision in connecting businesses with their customers through the very profound thing called conversation. We believe conversation is an integral part of a customer’s experience that is expected of today and future customers. We want to build an excellent customer experience just like hundreds of our clients across many industries in multiple languages.

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