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AMBER Robotics – Internet Of Things Bionic Robot Company, announces launch of the AMBER B1 On Kickstarter: World Debut of 7-Axis Adaptive and Modular Robot

BEIJING, April 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Today, robotics experts AMBER, announced the Kickstarter launch of the AMBER B1: A New Generation of Budget-Friendly 7-Axis Collbotative & Operative Robot Arm made proprioception and Ethernet real-time control technology into one. The industrial-grade performance of Proprioception Technology comes from The self-developed BLDC – a motor with high torque density, which also has 4 times rated torque higher than any traditional one in the same size. B1 is the World First Robotics commercial product that supports Ethernet UDP real-time technology (less than 4ms delay).

Amber B1 robot arm

Amber B1 robot arm

This innovative new design delivers power, precision, and human-like movement across 7-axis to automate production, simplify complex tasks, streamline operations, and boost productivity. This budget and user-friendly robot arm is available on Kickstarter now.  


The bionic adaptive force control comes from our branded DC servo motor + high standard encoder, mechanical equipment to bring reliable accuracy and high torque with small torque fluctuation of multistage structure.


AMBER B1 runs on 12V ~ 60V DC, and communicates using standard 100Mbps Ethernet, that’s easy to intergrate and develop new application in all robotic projects. The engineers even needn’t to know anything about all the conventional protocol like CAN/Ethercat, that are complicated.

Larry Guo, the former vice president of Baidu.com, initiated the AMBER mission. The team members of AMBER come from multi-area with specialized expertise including mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, telecommunications, AI algorithms, and IT. They all have 5-8 years of working experience in core technology development in their own professions. The proprietary all-in-one servo on the robot arm solely is the joint effort of 18 months R&D.

Robot arms have been a great innovation for commercial, creative and educational applications. But due to their expense, they typically have a long return on investment that makes them impractical for small businesses and consumers. Now, the team at AMBER has designed a high-performance robot arm that won’t break the bank. The AMBER B1 has professional-level performance at an economical price. 

“Robotics integration is the most exciting new technology that boosts profits for businesses and gives makers an incredible tool for creativity. Robot arms are perfect for many tasks that require precision, accuracy, and repeatability. The problem has been found that robot arms with 7 axis capability and true industrial performance were too expensive for smaller companies and creatives. Our goal with AMBER B1 was to make 7-axis power, precision, and performance available to everyone. We used the latest innovations in robotics and coupled them with an intuitive user-friendly interface that gives anyone an affordable path into high-performance robot arm capabilities. AMBER B1 is the perfect budget-friendly choice for businesses and individuals.”  AMBER CEO

A programmable robot arm that can operate over 7-axis has virtually infinite applications but is most often used for sorting, assembling, and performing complex tasks that require precision. The AMBER B1 excels at assembly, chip installation, engraving, 3D printing, spraying, polishing, machine operation, welding, dispensing, picking, tagging, testing, videography, stem education, drink preparation, medical exoskeleton robot, new retail, non-standard logistics, and more.

Any task can be programmed in a number of ways depending on the complexity of the movement and the experience of the user. AMBER has an intuitive user interface that makes it easy for anyone to get started including the AMBER RobotStudio that programs commands using simple drag and drop. AMBER’s Learning Mode is equally easy, the robot’s movements are programmed by moving the arm through a series of positions that are precisely recorded and repeated. For advanced users, AMBER B1 makes available the open-source SDK along with APIs for various programming languages like C++ and Python.

AMBER B1 can be networked over Ethernet for stable communications and each joint of the robot arm uses proprietary AIOS (All-In-One Servo) that organically incorporates a brushless servo, a high torque density outer rotor motor, a high-precision Harmonic Drive® reducer, and encoders into a compact size that is 1/10 that of normal servo systems. With an advanced design, AMBER B1 achieves human-like movements with incredible precision and accuracy and has built-in safeguards such as collision protection that make it safe for working around people.

The AMBER B1: Budget-Friendly 7-Axis Robot Arm is being launched via a Kickstarter campaign with special pricing and incentives for early adopters. Learn more here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/amberobotics/a-new-generation-of-7-axis-robot-arm-for-creative-tasks

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