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2021 Henan Floods: XCMG Provides Vital Post-Flood Roadbed Survey-profiler Equipment, Aiding Reconstruction Efforts

GONGYI, China, Aug. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Leading construction machinery manufacturer XCMG (000425.SZ) has promptly dispatched an XJC405 road detection vehicle and two technicians to Henan Province to aid local post-disaster reconstruction after the flood receded, participating in one of the most important tasks of opening regional transportation and restoring order to daily traffic flow.

The XCMG team has been carrying out ground penetrating radar (GPR) hole detection work on severely affected national and provincial highways as well as rural roads to prevent further accidents including timely anticipation of possible road collapse and ensuring transportation safety and people’s livelihoods.

2021 Henan Floods: XCMG Provides Vital Post-Flood Roadbed Survey-profiler Equipment, Aiding Reconstruction Efforts.

The XJC405 reached Gongyi and immediately started the road detection work. Following the deployment of the local transportation bureau, it has laid out 235 kilometers of radar detection lines on 12 rural roads with a total length of 87 kilometers, including Yong’an Road and Ciyun Road.

XJC405 Road Detection Vehicle from XCMG Is in Use during 2021 Henan Floods Reconstruction Aiding.

“The XJC405 road detection vehicle can quickly, comprehensively and accurately see through the underground pipelines at a depth of no less than 3 meters, as well as the danger information of urban road cavities, loose and water-rich soil,” said Liu Yingchun, Electrical Engineer from XCMG.

The XCMG team completed the detection tasks successfully in eight days and reported six sink cavities and more than 10 voids.

The road detection vehicle can conduct full coverage detection of a 1.7-meter width, leaving no gaps and dead corners. It’s equipped with the BeiDou GPS that queries the radar data map of any imputed coordinate point and position list, so users can recheck the data to confirm the problem areas and reposition. It has a detection speed of 20km/h and above with a high working efficiency and the 3D imaging feature also delivers clear and easy results.

XCMG XJC405 Road Detection Vehicle Can Quickly See through the Underground Pipelines at a Depth of No Less Than 3 Meters.

“With innovative technologies, XCMG is developing ‘Advanced and Endurable’ disaster relief machineries and continues to contribute to the road safety mission under frequent extreme weather conditions,” added Liu.

In 2017, XCMG enacted its earthquake and disaster relief protocol, detailing emergency response procedures, equipment and resource allocation and personnel assignment.

For more information, please visit www.xcmg.com.

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