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129th Canton Fair: Innovative Artificial Turf Makers Shaping Rapidly Growing Global Market

GUANGZHOU, China, April 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The ongoing 129th Canton Fair is showcasing varied artificial turf products from over 300 exhibitors. China is the largest manufacturer and exporter of artificial turf with production and sales continuing to grow explosively, with the market expected to reach US$4.2 billion by 2027.

129th Canton Fair: Innovative Artificial Turf Makers Shaping Rapidly Growing Global Market

129th Canton Fair: Innovative Artificial Turf Makers Shaping Rapidly Growing Global Market

Statistics from China’s customs indicated that China exported 242 million sqm of artificial turf in 2020, totaling US$ 1.21 billion. Compared to natural grass, artificial turf is made of synthetic resin materials that are easy to install, have good abrasion resistance, and require no water for maintenance.

To better adapt to changes in global market trends, a growing number of Chinese companies have devoted significant R&D efforts to innovation. Nanjing-based artificial turf manufacturer CC Grass has exported to more than 120 countries. During the 129th Canton Fair, the company is exhibiting 131 products, including its latest PRT product that won the Canton Fair CF Bronze Award.

“Canton Fair is a critical platform for us to expand overseas. Just before the 129th Fair, we signed a deal on leisure grass with a Brazilian buyer that came to us during 2020 Canton Fair. Sales growth in the international industry mainly come from leisure grass.” said Mr. Zhang, Sales Director of CC Grass. In 2020, the company produced 53.71 million sqm of turf, a 31.08 % year-on-year increase, and a marked 20.05 % growth from international sales.

“At present, the performance indicators of our products under R&D have surpassed the industry’s authoritative FIFA Quality Pro standards. The PRT product has quick drainage capacity and high firmness level. As it contains no chemical substances and achieves 100 percent recyclability, it is highly conducive to safe handling and environmental protection.” Zhang added.

Meanwhile, Bellinturf—a leading manufacturer of artificial turf for landscape and sports—is also showcasing 129 products during the current Canton Fair. Its CF Awards winning product Bellin-GRE (Green, Recyclable, Eco-friendly) series can be used for various scenarios. Different from the traditional black bottom design, Bellin-GRE uses a green-colored bottom with more esthetically-pleasing transparent gum. All parts of the artificial turf, from the grass yarn to the base fabric and gum, are 100% recyclable. Its unique technology also guarantees softer grass for easier installation.

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